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Anyone in South Carolina (Gaffney or Greenville/Spartanburg area?


I've posted here a couple times. Just wondering how everyone was getting along with how things have been going with Covid-19 and what University or Community college they are attending. I am attending Spartanburg Community College and I am living in Gaffney.

The only class I am taking this fall is BIO 211 (A&P II). I made a B in 210 this Summer but I feel like I didn't deserve it LOL. My instructor was awesome in giving me extra time a few times. He really cares whether the students succeed and he uses associative learning which is great. The Chemistry was hard, but it got easier, thanks to tonsss of extra studying because we stayed on it quite a bit! But then we hit the muscles, and it flew by so fast and I had basically no prior knowledge... yeah I didn't do so well there. Will this be a problem for me going into 211? What is studied in 211? Just more in depth of the systems?