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has anyone recently worked at lahey burlington? esp in ED or CDU?

ivyleaf specializes in Ambulatory Case Management, Clinic, Psychiatry.

whats the environment like? comparing it to partners' nsmc salsm and lynn for nurses..

I haven't worked at any of those places so I don't have much to contribute, except to say that I was offered a job at Union in the ED a while back and I was absolutely floored by the pay they offered me. It was wayyyy below everywhere else, I would have had to take a big pay cut. I think Salem and Lahey would offer you substantially better money. I think Lahey is even offering bonuses to come to the ED if you are an experienced ED nurse.

NurseKatie08 specializes in Geriatrics, Transplant, Education.

I am familiar with Lahey but can't speak to the CDU or ER. I just know that they are opening a new/bigger ER later this month so I would imagine they must be hiring if that is what you are looking to know.

I also was offered a job at Union in the ED about two years ago and was totally floored by the pay they were offering! What is up with that?!?


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