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Anyone interested in studying together. I'm in OC. Exam in 3 weeks.


Hi, I have taken the exam twice. I have tried Kaplan and hurst. And now doing ncsbn. I would like to exchange tips and knowledge. I am not working so am free to study whenever! Thanks

Hey! I m also planning soon. How is question look like? Is it like the one given in Hurst or is it like Kaplan one? Plz share....

Questions in my opinion are just like both Kaplan and hurst. Some are as complex as Kaplan and some as simple as hurst.

Thank you!!! I get some % in repeat question but if it is first attempt then I just get around 60% . I don't know how is works?

Hi im from OC... im planning to take my nclex rn my 2nd time.. nclex exam is just picking a fish in the ocean you never know what will you get and what is the perfect answer.. by the way the perfect answer is not in the choices!