Anyone gotten a non-nursing masters?


Has anyone here used their BSN to get a non-nursing specific masters degree, like an MBA, etc? I'm looking into getting a masters, but NP or CRNA aren't for me. I don't want to do education or hospital administration either. Masters of interest are Industrial Hygiene and Public Health, both of which I've read are good for people with a healthcare background. Has anyone had success with non-nursing masters, or found well paying, good work/life balance nonclinical careers with the BSN?



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What do you want to do with your masters? What are you interested in? These are questions that should guide you decision rather than what have other nurses gotten into. There are myriad options from business and law to public health or public administration. But it depends on what you intend to do. If all you want is to have a masters degree then pick something that interests you. The un US, a BSN will meet the requirement as a bachelors degree that is required for most masters programs but depending on the subject, there may be other requirements.



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Are you interested in a master's to leverage a new career? If so, why limit it to something compatible with nursing?

Interested in a OTD or DPT? Maybe a PA instead.

Anything cyber is big right now.

MBAs need experience or a special skills. Floor nurse-MBA-business executive isn't a realistic pathway.

Want to be meteorologist, medical microbiologist, or wildlife biologist? Human resources manager? Financial analyst? Computer stud? Entry level marketer? Public policy analyst? Construction manager? Interior design? Economist? Extension agent? Mental health counselor? -all are master's trainable entry level fields.

Do your age, health, and interests support military or law enforcement activities?

I'd say of you just want a masters and have the cash do whatever you want. If you're looking to another career, first decide what that career will be.


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Masters in Health Care Administration, Masters in Computer Information Systems both have served me well



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I'm in the process of getting an MBA. We shall see where that takes me.

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Health Care Administration

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Wrapping up my Master's in Education (I'm a school nurse, this is relevant to my long-term goals of education administration)


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I've applied for law school and waitlisted to begin fall 2019. I plan to combine that with my BSN level degree and my experience in acute psychiatric nursing to do...something? I'm not sure what it is, yet, but I'll figure it out! I always have nursing to fall back on.



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I am finishing my MPH this month!


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I'm in the midst of a MPH and love it- of course I don't graduate until 2020 so we'll see how it goes after.



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I have an MBA in healthcare admin. I haven't used it yet but plenty of opportunities.