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has anyone ever gotten a job after being suspended?


Specializes in Med-surg/Oncology. Has 11 years experience.

I was an oncology RN for 11 years. I became addicted to pain meds and surrendered my license in 2005. I have been clean for 3 years and am getting my license back in January. I will have a restricted license and am not sure if I can even get a job with that. Has anyone ever been through this or know anyone who has? I really need help. I miss nursing terribly. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

you will be required to take a nurse refresher course, so start looking while awaiting reinstatement. and congrats on the sobriety! i too, am in recovery and just got reinstated after a 2 yr suspension, the economy sucks right now jobs are scarce, but i am not giving up, and i wish you the best. you may have to enroll in the RAMP program too if you want to practice again, also. google nj ramp if you need info , and best wishes.


Specializes in Med-surg/Oncology. Has 11 years experience.

Thanks so much for the response. I'm actually in a course now and am in the PAP which is like ramp. I'm just so worried about going out and finding a job. Congratulations to you also.