Anyone else waiting..TEAS/NET/HOBET results??


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I am and it's driving me crazy!! I ran out of time on the last few questions on the reading part and I am so scared that I won't make the cutoff. Anyone else in the same boat, worrying until they get their results?:uhoh3:


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they gave me my teas scores when i was finished! i did not do well. i made right at cutoff. hopin to take it during next application period to inprove my score. hope u do great


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dont be too freaked out, you can check you score for teas online at their website.


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I took the TEAS on Monday (paper/pencil test), and I got my scores back today.


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FINALLY!! got my results today. I think I did pretty well:), and I made above the cutoff!! Now I just have to wait and see if I get accepted...oh well...another 2 weeks of worry:lol2: