Anyone else regret this?

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I seriously regret getting my BSN. Why you may ask....

a. I am now 65000 in debt.

b. I dont get paid more.

c. People still treat me like a pion as if I am a fast food worker.

d. I'm still doing bedside nursing anyway.

Anyone else feel like it was a waste??



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I guess not . :(

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Well, I'm sure there are other people out there who regret going for the BSN degree, but they simply haven't responded to your post. Read the post below:

Hi All, this is probably more for me than anyone else, but maybe if someone can learn from my situation, they can prevent it for themselves.

I've been on this forum since before I got my LVN back in 2003. I was 20 at the time, and my parents basically said "You have a year to have some sort of career figured out, and then you are on your own." I was a good student and worked full time, but because I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take in college, they basically forced a decision for me. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I suddenly had a year to figure out how to support myself and streamline some sort of career. Since we were in the midst of a major nursing shortage, I live in California where it's expensive, I decided I'd get my LVN at a trade school, since a community college was going to take significantly longer for a year for me to finish, and I didn't have that much time.

17,000 dollars and a year later...I was an LVN with lots of job opportunities.

I moved in with my boyfriend, life was good, I kept taking prereqs for my RN at the community college. However, instead of being thrifty and focusing on paying the debt off. I went out and had fun with my friends, I was 21, it was supposed to be a fun time. I only managed to pay off about half of it. so still had about 9,000 of the debt.

I finished my prereqs, applied to a couple community colleges, but I didn't realize how hard it is to actually get a spot in a Comunity College at an LVN to RN program. I actually got a job at a Cal State in 2006, and decided since the school was free for me, to take the additional prerequisites and just go there.

2007, we were doing really well financially, but living in a horrible apartment, very cheap, but a bad area. I decided it was time to buy a house. Everyone kept telling us to because prices were only going to go up and up. Mind you, we'd only ever paid 600 a month for this crap apartment and that included utilities. We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into, not how much more utilities would be with a 2000 dollar house payment. But hey, 2007, height of the market even tho we were told buy now.

Jan 2008 - accepted to the BSN program! Absolutely excited, know it's going to be hard to balance the job with part time hours and the school, I was able to make it balance for about one quarter. Then, my husband started getting his hours cut more and more, we couldn't even afford the house payment. I had a bad feeling. I was right. I got accepted to a private ADN program in northern California, I would be done 01/2009 or I could stay in the BSN program where I could no longer balance my job and was going to have to pay out of pocket and be done in 12/2010. 2 years difference, and with money so tight it made sense....35,000 more in debt, on top of the 10,000 I acquired at the BSN program trying to use student loans to pay a mortgage. Plus still the 9,000 from the LVN.

Finish the ADN program and so grateful I did it, my husband got very ill in the middle of it, and we had to stop making the hosue payments and walk away. It was inconceivable with a husband on disability and me so close to getting my RN to having any other choice.

After the ADN I was able to get a job in a New grad program in ICU, very very lucky. I went back to work, but decided, I had already done so much of the work for the BSN...why not finish? I had no money saved up and had to take out more loans to finish, about another 20k, but hey, they say there's so few jobs, and a BSN makes me more marketable.

So at this point:

9000 for the LVN

35,000 for the RN- ADN

10,000 plus then another

20,000 for the same BSN program


It makes me sick at night, there's so many things I could have done differently. When I was an LVN I could have paid off at least that 9,000 dollar loan, and maybe had some money saved towards the ADN. I definitely should have NEVER tried to buy a house, that would have saved me some of that debt. I could have waited a year to go back for my BSN and at least use tuition reimbursement for an employer. I probably should have sucked it up longer at my first job and been able to at least have tuition reimbursement for part of it the second year of the program.

In any case, that's the disgusting amount I owe, and I hope my "rant" can make someone else realize, the debt isn't always worth it. Honestly, I still do not regret the expensive ADN program, as my husband and I would have been in a much worse situation if I hadn't done it. Supporting two on an LVN salary in California would never have cut it. I just feel like had I made some significantly different decisions, the amount could be much less.

Open to any and all suggestions, at this point, I'm looking desperately at the local VA to see if maybe they have some sort of job that would at least allow some loan reimbursement. The one concern I have is it's a paycut from what I make now, and I am barely scraping by.

Our other problem is I'm trying to support my husband through a career retraining because he can no longer work in his prior field of truck driving with his health condition. Can't really drive a truck for 15 hours with arthritis. And we have no family nearby and the surprise bundle of joy we had last year gets expensive with babysitting.


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A BSN should not have to cost $65,000. How did you end up with that much debt? I don't think the degree is the problem. The problem is how you managed the financial aspects of it.

I hope you can find ways to miniize your interest and get a payment schedule that will work for you. I'm sure all the debt feels like an overwhelming burden.

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A BSN should not have to cost $65,000.

Good point. My son earned a BA in another field, from a private university.

Total debt is far less than that, still a lot though.

And, he hasn't found a FT job yet.

Although a huge part of my BSN completion was covered by tuition, the cost was huge in terms of the stress of going to school part time, while being a FT worker, husband, and father. I wish I could have entered as a BSN and had it over and done with.


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How's this for regret...I passed my NCLEX-RN in October, having been a LPN for 3 years at my current employer. I had a meeting with my boss, she gave me a hug with great congrats on getting my RN and how much she appreciates my stellar care/devotion, then said all nurses do the same work at this facility, whether RN or LPN. My rate of pay did not change. I was stunned. No RN would accept the rate of pay I'm working for at this point, I'll just say that.

In this economy, employers have the upper hand. No matter the labels after our names, and in my case no matter the quality of work proven, employers are saving money wherever they can and taking advantage of employees in the process. In my case, I've proven I'll work any shift needed, have worked as an aide prn they are short, and in general go above and beyond...I think my employer thinks I'm so stupidly devoted to the residents that I'll stay at LPN pay no matter what. While I'm devoted, the hurt I feel of being taken advantage of is too much.

I'm starting my BSN next semester, so your post got me thinking.

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Dont feel guilty.....I dont...I have been in the medical professions for 25 years and an RN for 18.....I had gotten LET GO at a Nursing home as well as many other nurses and personnel because of get this....LACK OF WORK.....since then I am having trouble getting hired for I have been out of the loop for 2 is it worth it you say.....I dont think it was, I actually hated it...long hours, lazy aides, communication stunk among coworkers, too much stress..WHO THE HELL NEEDS IT...and plus where is the JOB Satisfaction...I FOUND NONE IN THIS HEARTLESS WORLD today...sad to I always said after Nursing school, once I get out of here, they will look for the BS, then the MS, and the doctorate, and so on and so on..and to be honest I have worked side by side with ICU nurses who left their profession because of burn out...only later to find out they couldnt handle the verbal and physical abuse of a Nursing home with all its DIFFERENT type of Nursing stress. Just remember when you leave the Moon it doesnt mean Mars is any better.



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people dont realize how much 4 yr BSN degrees are... nor do they realize its not a matter of "managing debt wrong" that ****** me off. College costs too much, and its ridiculous I have to be in this much debt because I wanted to have the top entry nursing degree. On, the other hand, I can go back to school right now if i wanted.


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My ADN to BSN cost $12k and I did it without going into debt.

From scratch a BSN can be done without going into debt.

ANY degree can be obtained without going into debt.

It's all about choices.

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My ADN to BSN cost $12k and I did it without going into debt.

From scratch a BSN can be done without going into debt.

ANY degree can be obtained without going into debt.

It's all about choices.

And some people have more available choices than others.

I had a student loan from my diploma programs that I was able to pay off in 5 years. I finished my BSN with little or no debt. Finished a masters debt-free.

But I know it was a combination of thoughtful decisions, & being fortunate in having great spousal support and encouragement.

Life isn't always a free choice.


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No regrets here. I got my BSN with only $8k of debt. My hospital pays almost $2k more per year if you had your BSN. It opens many more doors for you, such as management, specialty areas of nursing, and education. It makes you a more desirable candidate for any future jobs you apply for. You have a step up to further continue your education if you wish having a bachelors degree.



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ASN for $12,000. Did bedside nursing for 1 long year. Case manager now still with a degree from community college making close to $100,000 ann. PRICELESS.