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anyone else frustrated???


I graduated in October 2010, got my LPN license in January 2011, and have yet to find a job!

I live in Southeast Florida and I know the job market is not that great, BUT no one wants to hire you unless you have "one year experience". And of course, you're not able to include the clinical experience you had during your attendance at school.

How are you suppose to get "experience" if they don't even give you a chance??? :confused:

Keep plugging away.

Maybe apply in person with resume and a positive attitude.

Something will come up:nurse::nurse::nurse:

thanks! ill continue to stay positive and patient!

I'm frustrated too! I graduated Dec. 2009, had a baby in Jan. 2010 got my license in march, took time off to spend with the baby, now I'm looking for a job and apparently I waited too long :( but I just keep on applying

jwaggs26--> i just keep on applying too, even if its for the same job that has been reposted. hopefully someone in HR would get tired of seeing my application and just give me the job already. lol.