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Anyone do case management for worker's comp cases?

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Hi Everyone,

I am interested in applying for a Case Management position with a company who deals with Work Comp cases. Here's the deal. I have been inactive for 5 years. My experience is over 20 years in long-term care and home health. The ad does indicate that someone with little to know experience may be acceptable and payed hourly vs. someone with experience being salaried full-time. Given my experience, or lack of, would I be over my head? I've never been fired and do not want to be. My plan before seeing the ad was to complete a refresher in the fall, but a position like this does not require physical skills, just knowledge and assessment skills from previous experience. Would like to hear from new or seasoned case manager's please. I am in Wisconsin if that makes a difference. Please and thanks!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.