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has anyone attended the LMH/Regis college LPN to RN program??


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Hi everyone---

I am starting the part time evening program at LMH/Regis this fall for LPN to RN. I am looking for some insight from anyone who has done this there. I would like to test out of nursing one and two. They have suggested to me not testing out of nursing two. I work as an LPN for a VNA now and do all sorts of skilled things, as well as constantly assessing patients. They let new grads enter the 2nd year without even testing and they have NO nursing experience.

Anyone who has gone throguh the program please let me know your thoughs!!:nurse:


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I went to the regular program as I wasn't an LPN. I found the program to be excellent and our class actually picked up some LPN entering after the 1st and 2nd semester.

I would call them and ask them to put you intouch with some previous LPN students that would be able to answer your questions. I know at the beginning of the semester during orientation, they have sessions just for the LPNs entering and usually have an LPN student available to answer "Student" related questions.

Good Luck!

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