anyone apply for temp license recently?


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I sent in my application on 3/29, with hopes I would have my temp license in time to start a new position on 4/19. 2 people that I spoke to there said they are usually sent out within 2 weeks. I called on wed (4/7) of this week to find out the status and was told that it was entered into their system on monday, but that they were processing applications from the 29th at that time. When I called today, a different person told me that it takes 6 weeks for a temp license and was shocked to find that my application showed it was with a processor so quickly. I asked for the status of what date they were on and all she woudl say was that on monday, 4/5 they were working on apps from 3/23.

I'm so frustrated! I am relocating from out of state and need to know if I should move next week to start on the 19th, or stay at my current job for a few more weeks and start the new one in may.

Has anyone applied for and received a temp license lately?! How long did it take for you? I see they already deposited my check. It just seems ridiulous that a temp license takes 6 weeks and a permanent takes 8-10 (as the lady on the phone today told me, though previously i had heard 4-6 for perm). I walked into the licensing office of where I am now and received my DC license within an hour. So why is Illinois so slow?!?!!? :mad: Guess I'll just call back monday and see if there is an update.


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also, do they send email updates/notifications? They asked me for my email today when I called and I didn't think to ask that when on the phone.