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Anyone here apply to CSU Chico Nursing 2010?


This is my first post here, but I was wondering if anyone else had applied to the CSU Chico nursing program for Fall 2010? Have you heard back yet? The application deadline was about a month ago, but I haven't heard anything yet. I guess I am just nervous to find out, so I thought it would help to know if anyone else was waiting with me. If not, if there are any current nursing students here that have any advice that would be appreciated too. Thanks! :rolleyes:

2600 applications?? That is CRAZY!! Are you sure?? I applied as well...can't wait to hear. I did call and the lady told be they TRY to have decisions by April 15 but it could be sooner. So, are any of you going to pay the $200 non refundable intent to enroll fee?? I'm going to wait another week before I send mine in...I want to see if I hear anything first...


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