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Any suggestion

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hey, I just took my Nclex-RN and i failed at 75. I am so devastated. The way i review for it was I went to a sylvia rayfeild review class and read her book and did her nclex question but when I got to the test it didn't help me figure out the question. I am in search for a new way to prepare because i through i was prepare but wasn't. Help:bluecry1:

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There are plenty of threads discussing good ways to study. I personally like the Saunders book and also NSCBN learningext website. Best things to do is set a schedule and practice questions making sure you understand the rationale as well as what the question is actually asking

Have a good read in the forum

I'm so sorry, but hang in there!:icon_hug:The big thing is to not give up. I have heard many positive reviews about the Kaplan course. Take some time off for yourself before you begin studying again, so your mind will be well focused. I wish you the best.

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