Any success w/ Canadian NP transfer to the UK?

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Hi everyone,

I'm an RN with 5 years experience and will be graduating from a Canadian MScN/NP program this upcoming July. My partner is currently residing in the UK and I'm planning on taking the CBT and OSCE's for my RN license transfer to London. To transfer my NP license, it will be a little more difficult, not to mention I believe I'll need 1-2 years of FT practice here in Canada before being eligible to transfer it over.

Just wondering if any internationally trained NP's have had any success in obtaining an APN/advanced NP license in the UK? If yes, what route did you go with the license transfer?

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FYI, as far as I'm aware, NP are not a class of registered nurses in the UK like they are in North America. Nurses obtain NP status by receiving advanced training and from having years of experience. Many do masters degrees but it's not mandatory. You might be able to apply to advanced clinical roles once you are registered as a RN there but there is no licence transfer.