Any second degree students do a BSN?


Outside of an ABSN. Time, money, and GPA is holding me back from an ABSN. I love to do it, but I lack the GPA required and lack the money to do an ABSN. I am looking into a BSN program. It is the same amount of schooling as an ADN with my second degree and I can work during the program to pay for it. Just curious how many second degree students went with a BSN program?


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I'm a second degree person and I didn't even go straight for a BSN. I went the stair-step approach because I couldn't afford not to work after earning my first Bachelor's and my inability to find any sort of work with my first Bachelor's was why I decided to go into nursing in the first place. I did a 12 month LVN program and worked full-time as an LVN while I did my pre-reqs and through an ADN program. I worked full-time as an RN while completing an RN to BSN program. The whole process, from starting LVN school to finishing with my BSN, took 6 years :eek: Boy that time flew by really fast... :whistling:


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I too am a 2nd degree BSN that did the traditional 5 semester program.


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I'm a second degree person but I started with the ADN. I'm starting my BSN online in the fall while I continue to work full time.

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I'm in the middle of my accelerated BSN program. Pro - its fast. Con - its fast. ha!


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I was fortunate. I went through an ABSN program at the same school that I got my other BS degree. Since I was an alumni they allowed all of my pre-req credits that were older than 5 yrs to count. It would have taken me a lot longer if I had to repeat them. Plus, I was able to still work by cutting back to two 12 hr weekend night shifts.



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I wouldn't mind the stair approach. However, LPN/LVN programs are mostly 5 days a week and 8 hour days difficult to maintain a working schedule to pay the bills.

Unfortunately I dropped our of my pre calc class. So if I want to do a BSN program have to wait till next year to apply. Now focusing on my ADN know the market sucks in my area for ADN RNs, but whatever works towards becoming a nurse.



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@203bravo Are second degree students considered a transfer student when doing a traditional BSN?


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I did the BSN as a second degree. A lot of hospital systems will pay for you to get your BSN once you are an employee. I would have saved a lot of money if I had known that myself. I definitely work with more associates degree nurses at my hospital. Good luck!