Any RNs here do sigmoidoscopies?


Yes in a lot of states it's legal for an RN to do screening sigmoidoscopies for colon cancer. In some states the board of nursing has addressed this issue saying with proper training and the proper patient population (age, no previous polyps, etc) its within the scope of practice for an RN to perform the procedure on their own (AZ for example). Of course, the whole procedure is done under a physicians license, but with GI experience and excellent training, its a very safe procedure even in the hands of an RN. I was just wondering if any of you are currently doing them?


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I ran across this on the SGNA website recently and was intrigued. I asked a few coworkers who have a lot more GI experience, and they were shocked too. I 100% wish my hospital would consider something like this, but that would require a little nursing autonomy and trust in our nursing judgement so not something that'll ever happen :(


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That's interesting. Even an RN with just an ADN could potentially do a sigmoidoscopy?


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AZ allows so much more autonomy than most states.