Any regrets?


I am thinking about going to endo and wanting to hear from others who have made the transition. I will be going from 3 12-hour shifts to M-F and on call one weekend a month. The change in schedule worries me a bit, so just wanting some input.


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I work in a large hospital's very busy endoscopy suite, and we are M-F, as well. About half of our staff works (3)12s and the half other works (4)10s. A few PRNs help out too. We take call one night a week, with a weekend every 6-7 weeks - and you can bet you'll be called in on your weekend.... I LOVE my schedule because each of us are able to have one 6 day off stretch a month! I welcome you to the discipline, and hope you're doing great on your new M-F schedule. I see that this thread is from MAY 2016 and I hope you check in to let us know how you're doing!