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Any NPs working at a CHF clinic out there?

by fgarcia1 fgarcia1 (New) New

There are a couple of nurse practitioners that work at a CHF clinic at my hospital. They are commonly consulted to see some of the inpatients, and write prescriptions and make suggestions for care. I could see myself doing this kind of work. If anyone has answers to the following questions I would be eternally grateful!

How does one get a job as an NP at a CHF clinic?

Do you need a FNP or ACNP to get there?

Do you need to take a program that specializes in cardiology to get there?

Are these positions difficult to get, and what is job availability like?

Are you satisfied with hours/pay?

I am looking to go back to school, and I always had a special interest in cardiology. I have only worked med surg and tele floors so far, with ~2.5 years experience. However, not sure which direction I should take. Any help is greatly appreciated!