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Any NPs willing to answer some interview questions?

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I am writing a paper for nursing school and we have to interview nurses who have gone on to continuing education in an area that interests us. I would like to become and NP eventually, so I would like to get a couple interviews from NPs. If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Here are the questions:

What are the most important personal characteristics for success in this field?

Which of the following are required for this kind of work? (Check and offer details for all that apply.)


Educational degrees:



Continuing education:

Which skills and competencies are the most important to acquire? How did you learn these skills?


What kinds of prior experience (including work or internship experience) are absolutely essential?

What additional educational preparation would you recommend?

What kinds of experiences would you recommend?

Is there a local organization for this specialty area? What types of activities does this organization offer?