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Any New RN graduated from Unitek College?

by mesaray mesaray (New) New

Any new RN graduates from Unitek College from Fremont, CA? Just wondering about your experience? Is it worth the $38,475? What is it like in the program? How many hours of schooling did you do? What was the schedule like? I am an LVN and am considering entering their program. I am at the step of studying for the TEAS exam. Very nervous about this exam! Also, I hear that we have to take the ATI LVN comprehensive proctored exam? Some information on that exam, pleasse? I would love to ear about your experiences, Thanks!:up:

I moved your thread to the CA Forum, since it is specific to a program located only there and licensure in CA.

It will make it easier for you to get responses from others that way.

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