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Any Nebraska CNA Students or CNAs on here?

gsmama gsmama (Member)

I live in Lincoln, NE and was wondering if there are any CNA students or CNAs from Nebraska on this board? I start CNA class at Tabitha on Monday. Thanks.


I was put on the registry recently (as NE doesn't "certify" anymore :D ) I took my class at Clarkson in Omaha. I'm not working, looking at going into a program jan 2011

How was your class? Any tips?


The class was easy I wouldn't stress about it at all. Um tips, don't forget the shoes when ambulating a patient :D. It's kind of awkward when you're using a dummy.

I'm on the NE registry for CNAs (I'm in Lincoln also) CNA class was pretty fun, I had a good group of gals to study with! I did one of my clinicals at Tabitha!! I think you'll like it!

I hated it and decided it wasn't the best line of work for me. Thanks for responding.


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