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Any Immigrant Nurse?


Hi, I am in the process of immigratin to San Antonio, Need to know amny things, Is ther any one who is an immigrant Nurse preferebaly from India, Pakistan?

Anyone who stays in San Antonio also would be of great help please e-mail me or reply to my thread.


By the way I will be coming from Pakistan around Feb 2004.


I am not an Indian or Pakistian nurse, however there are many here in Texas. I think the largest Paki/Indian population is in Houston. You can find groceries, Indian products, clothing.etc. There are a large number of physicians from that area of the world, also. I wish you luck on your imigration. I hope the information I have given will help, in some way.

Welcome to Texas...I work with some wonderful nurses who have immigrated from India and Pakistan and I enjoy them...they are very professional and knowledgable!

I 'immigrated' to Texas from another state...there are a lot of us 'transplants' here...LOL! :)

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