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Hi fellow nurses, do you know any hospital that are hiring this 2014?i really need your help, im willing to undergo training if that is the process.thank you

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Not only you must be "willing to undergo training" but you are mandated to undergo training as part of the orientation, which is why new grads have a hard time finding work. Paying an orientee's salary is like paying a tourist for hanging out on the floor and sightseeing. Depending on the work setting, weeks or even months go by before the new nurse is actually productive and generating revenue for the organization. I think somebody has calculated it costs $30,000 (or more) to orient a new nurse to an average hospital floor. This includes the pay, cost of classes and learning activities, the salaries of the people who have to help bring the new person into the system, etc.

In my experience the hospitals that are hiring new grads are in small towns and rural areas where the population is poorer and has a lower college-graduation rate. Those poorer areas have fewer nursing schools and they also experience a "brain drain" because their top professionals are escaping to live in high desirability areas.

Giant metropolitan areas like New York City or Los Angeles have world-famous medical centers that would look great on your resume, but the managers there are condescending with a chip on their shoulder. Talking to them is generally a waste of time when you are a new.

Once you get a couple years experience plus some certifications you can go and practice wherever you want, small city or big city. God bless.

Good luck.

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Be willing to move to a new location and start looking at smaller hospitals. They usually have postings listed. I know a lot of people expect to get hired right away but there are a lot of people who were just hired in November 13 who graduated in May 2013. It seems like six months is kind of an average length of time in my area to find a job if you don't have an in at a hospital from previous experience.

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