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Any hope? RSU Question!

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So today I had to sort of face the fact that I wouldn't be able to attend Nursing school in the Fall of 2016 due to missed deadlines and courses that wouldn't be complete in time, however, as I am scouring for a glimmer of hope, I've come across something (I think).

I looked into RSU's nursing program and literally 50% of the courses within their curriculum to obtain an ADN I've already completed! Hypothetically speaking, I could complete the program within two semesters (right?!).

Here's the situation:

In their first semester curriculum, the courses called for include Nursing Concepts, Foundations of Nursing Practice, an Elective, and Pharmacology - well - I've already completed pharmacology and the elective! So that is two courses out of the way (and I've already called to see if they would transfer and they do).

Then, for the second semester curriculum plan, they have Therapeutic Interventions I, Nutrition, and Microbiology. I've already taken Nutrition.

Third semester - Therapeutic Interventions II, Intro to Psych, and Comp II. Psych and Comp II are already completed so that leaves only one course for that semester.

Final Semester - Transition to Nursing, Nursing in a Complex Environment, History Elective, and Am Fed Govt. History Elective and Am Fed Govt. are already completed.

Would they allow me to just combine the courses I haven't taken? I don't see how it would make sense for me to retake courses.

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