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Any experienced BSN nurses having a hard time?

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Any other experienced nurses with their BSN have difficulty landing jobs? I have 5 years experience in med-surg cardiac. I also started floating to the critical care floors. I've been applying to NYP and seem to get "not selected" whenever I apply for positions. I've put all my experience into my resume. I even put a family friend as a reference who works in the NYP system. Do they prefer new grads cause they're cheaper to hire? Just curious.

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The best way to get looked at is to do the following:

1. Get PCCN certification

2. Join the ANA & AACN

3. Revamp your resume with your experience as a critical care float

4. Redo you cover letter as well to include all the above.

I have done all of these and have landed five interviews in 2 months. So dont give up!

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