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Any experienced BSN nurses having a hard time?

Any other experienced nurses with their BSN have difficulty landing jobs? I have 5 years experience in med-surg cardiac. I also started floating to the critical care floors. I've been applying to NYP and seem to get "not selected" whenever I apply for positions. I've put all my experience into my resume. I even put a family friend as a reference who works in the NYP system. Do they prefer new grads cause they're cheaper to hire? Just curious.

The best way to get looked at is to do the following:

1. Get PCCN certification

2. Join the ANA & AACN

3. Revamp your resume with your experience as a critical care float

4. Redo you cover letter as well to include all the above.

I have done all of these and have landed five interviews in 2 months. So dont give up!


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