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Any differences with the Cal States?

by LincolnTwins LincolnTwins (New) New

I already asked this in the California nurses forum, but I figured a pre-nursing view would be good too.

Does it matter which Cal State I do my pre-reqs at to BSN programs?

(Specifically Cal State LA and CSU San Bernardino).

Or is it just grades, test scores, and experience that count for BSN programs?

I'm applying to a few of the CSU's up north, and as far as I know, it doesn't matter where you take the prerequisites (you can take them at community colleges as well). Granted, some will require that you take certain classes together at the same school (e.g. A&P I and A&PII) or that you take specific classes (intro to psych, not developmental or abnormal).

Good luck!

nope it doesn't matter. The only benefit would be doing the pre-reqs where you want to go to nursing school as you won't have to pay an application fee at the other.

good luck. I am doing nursing at a cal state right now. almost done, well in the spring anyway!

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