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Any current or previous NAPs in Las Vegas?

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Hi guys, I’m currently a nursing student at the community college in Las Vegas and a CNA at one of the hospitals in town. I’m really interested in the nurse apprentice program here but would love to get more info on it other than what the nursing boards website says.

For any of you that have done this program, what was your day to day work like? Did you only work with one nurse for your shift? How was the pay? Did you get a choice on which floor you worked on? What was your experience like?

I’d love to be a nurse apprentice on the floor I work in now but haven’t seen anything offered, I’m fairly new so I think after my probationary period I’ll talk to the supervisor and see if that’s even a possibility.

thanks in advance!

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I know Las Vegas hospital nurse apprentices (NAPs).  It seems their days include many CNA type duties combined with a sprinkling or more of skills they've been signed off on at school.  They were hired to specific units but are asked to float at times.

I've only seen NAP postings for Sunrise, Mountain View and Valley.  Unless you're a first semester student, it is likely there are NAPs in your cohort.

Feel free to PM me for more detailed information.

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