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Any advice for CNA certification test?

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I've got my class final coming up Saturday and am worried about what to concentrate my cramming on (esp. the anatomy portion of the book). Also, how likely am I to get occupied bed or ROM for my skills test? We only went through ROM once while watching a video and they automatically signed us off on the skill, so I'm hoping I get to practice it in clinical or I'm SOL! I know the book stuff like the back of my hand, but I just want to be as prepared as possible. Any help would be great! Thanks so much.

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I think its fairly random.. i wouldn't focus on anatomy for the test they are going to be foucusing more on important points of patient care and Patient rights.

The best advice for the skills is to memorize each step . my partner had to do range of motion on me. but i got peri care , ted stockings and handwashing. Good luck!

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