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Anxiety kicking in.. only 12 days left to take the pax rn and i am stressing! Any suggestions would be helpful! UGGH

Study in increments (1-2 hours) then break and go for a walk/exercise/relax/meditate, etc. Before you study more. Set a goal to do X number of questions each day. Make sure you understand the rationale of those you get incorrect. If you haven't already... eat a well balanced diet and get 7 - 8 hours sleep. Vitamins such as B12 might help. Remember you are a new nurse...You are not expected to know everything. in the world of NCLEX you have only 2 weeks of vast nursing knowledge to pull from. Don't over think the questions just determine what the patient need is in each question. Apply Maslows, is it an assessment or implementation question because assessment will always be first, can you apply AND and have it make sense? See how easy...You are going to pass this thing and next week be Ms RN. Own it girl...it is yours because you worked hard for this...and you deserve it. God bless you and keep us posted!!!