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Anuric patients with output via straight cath

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I work at a long term care facility and have had a patient who's been anuric since arrival. This persons wbc count jumped and a UA/C&S was ordered by a physician not familiar with the patient. I was asked to try a straight cath anyway and came up with about 20ml of puss like urine.

My question: (forgive me, im only a year into nursing) If this person is anuric, why is there residual in the bladder? Also, wouldn't that residual sitting there be a major cause of infection?

Would appreciate the educational lesson at least :-)

Thank you

Anuria means little to no urine production, so it is possible for someone to be considered anuric and still be making several drops of pee each time they go bathroom. And yes, that could be a major cause of infection.


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