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Another good day!

I posted before about the good day I had. Well gosh darnit, I've had another one!! This time I managed 3 out of 5 pts. All three were very needy and had lots of meds, esp antibiotics with insane timings.

One thing that keeps happening everytime I work is the patients tell me what a good nurse I am, or I'm the best nurse they've ever had. Those compliments really keeps me charged.

This convinces me that nursing is not about the medications you give or the procedures you perform...it's about listening to your patient and making them smile. I never leave a patient room without making them laugh or smile, even when I'm in a hurry. Pts WANT to know and NEED to know that you care about them. I've been complimented that everytime I enter my pts' room I have a smile on my face, and that made the patient feel at ease. I also engage the family. They're stressed and worried. I've been told by pts families that they go home with peace cuz they know they're loved one is well cared for.

Although I do not enjoy med surg...it's not my dream job...I know it's the beginning. I leave every shift feeling like I did my best and that I made a difference. It's been another good day! :yeah:

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