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Another Frontier Class 64 Hopeful


Hello, yet another Frontier Class 64 hopeful. I actually have my phone interview tomorrow, I am excited and nervous at the same time. It is really fun to see all the other people out there who have been accepted/applying for this class. I hope to meet all of you in just 3 short months :nuke:.

For those of you who have told about your experiences with the school and interview process thank you. I do have one more question, how long did it take from the point that your application was complete including the interview did it take to hear if you were accepted? I am doing the traditional track not the bridge program.

Thanks again, and wishing everyone much luck! Have a great day.

They told me I would hear in 4 weeks, but I did not get my official acceptance email until about 8 weeks after the interview. You can continue to call them, they don't mind. The staff is just busy with interviews/acceptance business. Good luck!

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