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Another ABSN Program Question


Hi All,

I have another question regarding time limits for prerequisite courses. I completed the majority of my prerequisites during my undergrad about 9 years ago. I notice that many schools won't accept courses older than 5-10 years.

My questions:

1) Has anyone applied for the prerequisite time limit waiver at MHP-IHP and received the waiver? If so, what was your jusitification for applying for the waiver?

2) Are the majority of schools with the prerequisite time limits firm on this requirement or has anyone managed to gain acceptace with a justification statement or something similar?

3) For the science courses with labs, what are your thoughts on retaking the course but not the lab component to satisfy the time limit requirement? Has anyone had any success with this approach?

Ok, thanks to all for the feedback!

A friend is currently in the MGHIHP program and found the open house extremely helpful for guidance about prereqs. I know that some online courses from Weber State are acceptable - but MGHIHP could confirm which ones.

Acceptance to this program is highly competitive and I wonder if you would be at a disadvantage attempting to waive the courses?

Hi Curiosity123,

You make an excellent point about being at a disadvantage trying to waive courses. I will definitely plan to attend the info session. Thanks for your input!