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Anne Arundel AAMC and Annapolis Area Nurses: Please advise!

by PegLegCassie PegLegCassie (New) New

I've been looking to move to Annapolis for some time to be with a few good friends and also get back into a teaching/magnet hospital. I've been an RN for four years with mostly tele experience. If you can offer me any advice about which units are best (teamwork, passion, etc) vs which are the ones to avoid I would greatly appreciate it. This is all granted I can get an interview with AAMC but dream big, right? Also, what is the general consensus regarding nursing at AAMC? Thank you in advance!


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I cannot provide much insight, but I recently had two friends recently resign. One was in the ER. She said there seemed to be issues with management. Her manager and either educator or director left at the same time. She did not know the reasons why, but was interviewed for another position on the unit by staff nurses and no nurses in administrative positions. At that time, I was applying for jobs there too. It seemed that they had leadership openings for almost every unit. They have since filled those openings, but it is something to think about when applying there.