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And, one more thing. I am open to suggestions...


I looked for a facility that offers a thorough residency/orientation program in my living area. A couple of places, including mine, offered a 6-month training program. But, a couple of people (half of the OR staff) transitioned out of the OR and my training became "based on need" and "staffing availability". So, I didn't get the opportunity to receive thorough training in my areas of weakness and my designated mentor became anyone that was available. How long is a typical OR residency/training program? Would temp agencies or surgicenters typically offer a more consistent residency/orientation type of learning environment as opposed to hospitals?


Has 6 years experience.

Ive only worked in teaching, big hospitals. Anytime i started a new job, i was given 6ish months. with that being said, if they were every short on staff, etc., sometimes id have to staff a room by myself before my orientation was technically over. if that was every the case, they would usually ask me what room i felt most comfortable in and put a strong scrub with me. it can be nervous and you'll be stressed, but its all about being competent, and then the confidence will come later. also if you truly feel your assignment is unsafe for the patient, speak up! and good luck!