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ANCC MedSurg Certification


Anyone recently certified (with the new test content) that has any advice for me? I'm taking my test a week from tomorrow. Mainly studying by taking practice tests from the ANCC website and NCLEX review books, and I also took the ANCC online review course, although they no longer recommend using that specifically for test prep. I tried to read through the 1000-page review book but got bored/overwhelmed. I'm nervous, part of me thinks it might be much easier than anticipated, and part of me thinks it'll be very hard.

I take mine in a few days. How was it?

tokmom, BSN, RN

Specializes in Certified Med/Surg tele, and other stuff. Has 30 years experience.

Yes, inquiring minds want to know! A co worker took it and said it was 'ok'. Not overly difficult and not a lot of med/surg type questions. That's her opinion though. I took the AMSN test and it was 99% med/surg questions.

Good luck!