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Anatomy and physiology study help

cpmark cpmark (New) New

Hey there,

Getting ready to start studying for the A & P test. I have found this link and it is great:


But I am wondering if anyone has some very recent tips that I could use for studying. I looked into the Martini book and really don't want to spend a fortune on it. It is 10th edition now, but I am wondering if an earlier edition would be okay. Or should I forget Martini altogether? I have already taken the classes and got A's in them, but it was over five years ago (just barely) and I am taking the test to get it out of my way.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


I used study group 101 no book although I have a book but it's not the one they ask for. I think any book will do as long as it's not too old but sg is only ten bucks and well worth it. There are videos on you tube that sg suggests but I can't remember what they are called right now.

I purchases the e-book for only $6.99 and you can download it to as many devices as u want.


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