Anatomy and Microbio


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Hello,So during one of my semesters/ I might have to take Anatomy and Microbio together. My question is: Has anyone ever took these two courses together? If so, how was it and would you recommended it?


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I took both of these classes together in the same semester. It wasn't bad at all! I received B's in both, not A's, but still good 😁


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I did last semester with 2 kids and a part time job. However these were the only two classes I had. Ended up with an A I'm both. It wasn't horrible partly because I had very little reading to do for both classes, as both teachers had their own notes they handed out. Lots of flashcards. Lots and lots of flashcards and quizlet.

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I took Micro, A&P 2, and three other classes at the same time. I also had an office job. It was very doable, I ended up with straight A's that semester. You know what you can handle and if you think you can do it go for it!