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An outlook in California?


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by the numbers

despite the gloomy economy, the outlook for rns in california still shows room for growth.

by candy goulette

posted on: november 18, 2009

spetz estimates the state is short more than 30,000 rns based on the 25th percentile of nationwide full-time equivalents (ftes) per 100,000 rns. some of those spots are being filled by the more than 4,000 travelers who come to the state every year while others are taken by new nursing grads. graduation rates are up 55 percent over the 2003-4 rate and have brought more than 9,500 new nurses into the job market.

Wow graduation rates up 55%, that's alot of new nurses. Too bad many of them arent being hired. I live in the bay area and their are tons of nursing programs around me, BSN's and ADN programs.

Just because the state may be short a certain number of nurses, does not mean that employers are looking to hire those nurses. Employers look to their bottom line and benefit from fewer personnel doing more work. In the past my employers would go out of their way to see that home health clients had nursing care. Now they will let the client go without care rather than fork over overtime to a nurse who is willing to work extra hours. And the client is told there are no nurses available when they are well aware that one or more of their already scheduled nurses are willing to work. One client offered to pay out of pocket just to have the care. Sorry state of affairs.

I don't know where all these jobs are I know alot of new grads nurses that have not been able to get jobs because of the economy, there's a few girls that graduated last december that are still working the same job they had before they went to nursing school.

My esthetician is a graduate from the ADN program works at a hospital and is still actively looking for a job as an RN. It's sad, but it's reality. I really hope the next couple of years things will begin to change right now its just a sad sad situation :(

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