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a&p thru excelsior college?

by superrmaren superrmaren (New) New

Hi all!

i just registered for the site and am excited! i am staring at johns hopkins in june!

i am starting pending my passing of my a&p exam! has anyone taken a&p through excelsior college onilne? know anything about the exam? is it difficult?

:bowingpurforever grateful for any input!


annaedRN, RN

Specializes in LTC/hospital, home health (VNA). Has 10 years experience.

:twocents:It is difficult but doable. Just remember that it is equivalent to 2 4-credit classes so yes, it is going to be difficult. Find yourself a good, well-written A&P book that has a correlating study guide as well as the coloring work book. The 3 of these provide a pretty comprehensive review. The test was pretty evenly distributed among the body systems - make sure you download the Excelsior college study guide for a guide on where to direct your studies - there is even some sample questions with rationales at the end of it. I felt as "learned" after preparing for that exam than if I had taken the classes...I did get an "A" by the way

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