Test Result Notification Cards

  1. I'm looking for samples of test result notification cards. We currently call patients with results, but we are evaluating a new system. Does anyone have any samples they could email or fax?
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  3. by   NHLPN
    We use a post card, it's filled out, folded in half, taped on all sides and mailed. The "_" are boxes that can be checked off.

    _ please call our office to:_______________________


    Yoiur recent laboratory tests have been rec'd and the results are indicated below.

    _Laboratory work - within normal limits

    _sugar _liver profile
    _kidneys _thyroid
    _potassium _stool cards
    _prostate antigen _urine study

    _Lipid Profile

    Cholesterol ______________
    HDL (good)______________
    LDL (bad)______________-

    _mammogram-no significant abnormalities seen.

    _pap smear-no evidence for malignant cells.



    (your md's name, etc)

    usually you check off the appropriate spaces, and in the lipid profile section, I write in their numbers and in parenthesis put in the norms. No complaints from pt's so, seems to work.

    Hope this helps!!! )