teaching Humira admnistration

  1. Subcu injections

    I work in an Internal med practice and often give injections subcu IM etc

    However, we have Rheum pt ( rheumatologist is one hour drive for her ) and she is going to start Humira

    She broke her arm and wants to know if I will teach her family how to do subcu injections

    my Question

    teaching subcu to families... what would be the easiest site to teach

    Thank you or your input
    Joy and Smiles * Darla
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Based on my homecare experience:

    1. Deltoid is the easiest site and has least modesty concerns.
    2. Abdomen next site -able to pull pants just a little give injection---unless their the housewife/house dress type of person

    3. Thigh last.

    Now if patient supper skinny, not much SQ fat, go with abdomen first.

    Does the patient have insurance that provides has hom care coverage?
    This way RN/LPN could go out to home, make sure drug properly maintained at home, observe return demonstration etc.
  4. by   darla80

    she is obese

    So I think we will go with abd.. she will get them every 2 weeks

    once her Fx has healed she should do ok herself

    I appreciate your expertise