Staffing levels

  1. Does anyone have or know of a standard or equation / formula for figuring staffing levels for a Same Day Surgery Center (hospital based). What is it based on?
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  3. by   Sisyphus
    You might try the ASPAN website. I know they have staffing guidelines for Phase I, II, and III recovery on their site.
  4. by   mamalle
    we go by phase 1 and phase 2. if you get a general out its 1:1 until the patient is phase 2. with kids we normally use 2:1 until oral airway is out. Just because we may only have 25 patients come some days- if they are more heavy like generals then we staff accordingly. we also have alot of macs for cataracts and do 20-30 in one day so we have at least 4 girls working recovery of them since they are normally a 15' postop time. I may take 2 phase two but rarely would ever have to take 3..