Returning to Clinical Nursing & New to Physican Office Setting

  1. Hello there,

    I'm an RN with 4 yrs acute care experience and for the last 9 years of my nursing career I've worked for the Federal Government as a Medicare Quality Imporvement (QI) Coordinator. I've been commuting 100 miles/day to and from work for the last 5 yrs and I've now reached the point where I can no longer take the long commute. I live in a small town where there are no open QI opportunities and do not wish to return to acute care nursing. I am considering working in a physician office or outpatient clinic, but feel that my clinical skills are pretty rusty not to mention where to locate open positions.

    How can I find out which offices need RNs? Do I just walk in to the phyician office and hand them my resume? Should I take a refresher course? Is there even a chance for me in this field considering my absence from "hands-on" clinical experience?

    Any thought or advice anyone can offer would be great! Thanks, TT
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