Recovering? Me too.. now what about

  1. Where is everyone??

    I know it has been absolutely WILD in our office..

    Taking time off for Christmas and New years was great but I can not catch up!!

    How about you???

    Canna , Laura ... are you still in the office?? How are you doing??

    It can be arduous different ways then floor nursing.

    My question for the month is this?

    What has been your experience with the new Insulin Lantus?

    We are an IM office and have started using it alot..

    I heard the peds docs were using it as well...

    let me know how it is going for your patients?

    Catcha later..

    Joy and Smiles *DARLA**
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  3. by   Jeansky
    We have started using this insulin also,in the past couple of weeks and seems to be working well. We are having patients take this before evening meal and 2 of the patients reported in yesterday with good blood sugars....will see how A1c's are down the road.......but so far so good!