Practice Nurse

  1. Hi,
    I am a recent graduate in New Zealand working for 2 "General Practitioners". I never thought of Practice Nursing as being very exciting & always wanted to get into ED. Now I am finding it really rewarding & learning a lot of skills to shape my career.
    I enjoy the diversity of our work & getting to know the patients. Right now I'm working on making sure all our toddlers are fully immunized. Very satisfying.
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  3. by   JeanthePHN
    What the heck is Practice Nursing?
    I think it is a cute name for working in a doctor's office?We don't use that term here but I like it!
  4. by   mary
    I agree!! Very nice name but we may get mixed up with Nurse Practioners!!! I am not sure that they would like that!
  5. by   Renita Diehlman
    I am an RN and Quality Coordinator for 14 FP and IM offices. Pediatric Immunization was one of our improvement projects. We still have room form improvement so we are putting together a team to evaluate additional improvement opportunities. Any suggetions or references anyone has is appreciated.