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  1. Does anyone out there have a written policy for calling in a patients maintenance meds in the physicians absence? Obviously this would not include controlled meds or incidentals like atb. Just renewals for a short term supply so the patient does not run out. We have verbal guidelines...but we all know that doesn't fly. I just am having problems coming up w/ a written form and guideline. I would love some input! Thanks
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  3. by   Morgan314
    We don't have any written policy for this either. When our doctor knows he will be out of the office on a certain day, we will go through the charts for the patients who had been scheduled appts that day and he will go ahead and write orders to call in or leave prescriptions or samples for the patients to pick up. We do have a written policy that any sample medications or medications received through the indigent med programs have to be physically checked and labeled by the prescriber before the nurse can "deliver" the meds to the patients, and an order has to be written too.