Pediatric Catheterizations

  1. I am a nurse in a pediatric practice where the MDs catheterize their own patients (usually children under 2) for UTIs. I used to cath patients when working in the hospital and was wondering if it was normal protocol for pediatricians to cath their own patients. Just curious what other people do....
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  3. by   bugya90
    Our pediatricians will do some of their own caths (depends on the patient, the younger they are the more likely the provider will do it) but for the most part they will get the nurse to do it. We don't have that many caths normally though.
  4. by   Pattyfish
    In the peds offices I have worked in, the RNs did the caths b/c they had more experience than the MDs. But if the MD in your office is doing the caths, don't take it personally! Maybe that MD just wants to keep his/her skills sharp! Maybe you can ask to do some of the caths, if you'd like the experience.