Pay cut

  1. Hi, I was wondering... For those who went from working in acute care/bedside to urgent care, is it a big pay cut? I'm weighing out my options and can't afford a huge pay cut.
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  3. by   ivyleaf
    For me no, but every job is different
  4. by   jena5111
    I don't know about urgent care per se, but my switch from acute care to ambulatory/outpatient left me making the same hourly rate as the base pay in my hospital job. So, no night/weekend shift differential but...I work Monday-Friday 0700-1600, no nights/weekends/holidays. Predictable schedule. Great for me as the first-time mom of an almost six-month-old son. Also less daily stress and a seven-minute drive.

    It was a no-brainer for me to switch, and I haven't looked back.