Pap Smear Tray

  1. I recently started to work PRN at an urgent care clinic. We do pap smears on occasion... but not very often. My other full-time job is not in women's services. So, my question is simple: What exactly needs to be on a Pap Smear tray for the Dr? Also, if doing a wet prep, what items are needed??

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  3. by   LizRN1018
    For the wet prep we prepare the following on the tray - 2 slides and 2 slidecovers, 2 packaged cotton tip applicators, lubricant, forceps and light source, KoH and saline. The pap smear we rarely do (I personally have never even been here when one was done). We have the pap smear kits, so I assume you just get that out and then that forceps, light source and lubrication. Hope that helps a bit!

  4. by   CrunchRN
    It is good to always have a sterile tenaculum available.